This Friday Marks the Day Most People Dump Their New Years Resolutions. Three Tips to Keep Yours Alive

A Suttle ShiftResearch shows that by Friday, January 17 of this week, most people will give up on their New Years Resolutions. If you set goals for yourself, you need to see this video.

Watch the video. Then, comment below.

Here are a few takeaways from today’s video:

  • Remind yourself WHY you want your goal.  The tasks you need to take to achieve your goals can sometimes be unpleasant, challenging and stressful. To overcome the temporary discomfort of working toward a goal, let yourself feel the feelings of what it will be like once you’ve reached success. What does success look like? Be clear about why you want it, the benefits and the impact it will have on your life and you’ll be recharged and ready to see it through to the end.
  • Celebrate small successes. Most people wait until the goal is accomplished to acknowledge themselves. Instead, give yourself credit for daily steps in the right direction. The more you notice small successes, the more inspired you’ll feel. It’s a great way to activate that part of your brain that keeps you resilient and on course.
  • Ramp up the accountability. Put a tracking system in place. Consider asking a friend or colleague to be your accountability partner and check in with each other regularly to report that you’re keeping your word and getting it done.


What will you do to keep your goal achievement going strong past January 17?
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8 thoughts on “This Friday Marks the Day Most People Dump Their New Years Resolutions. Three Tips to Keep Yours Alive

  1. The statistics on how many New Years resolutions fail are quite staggering. I firmly believe that if you approach a change with real desire, you can do it. Trying to make a change as a New Years resolution is perhaps not the best way to go as we kind of expect New Year’s resolutions to fail. If you have a change you want to make in your life, then make that change now for the right reason.

  2. I really liked the first part about writing it down. Lots of studies show how simply charting your progress or planning what you want that progress to look like keeps you on track. Thanks for putting this together for us Marilyn. I hope you have a happy and resolute new year. :)

  3. Thanks for your comment David. I have a friend who says, “Don’t make mental notes – you’ll forget where you put them.” Writing it down makes a difference.

  4. Thanks for the great advice. I am good for the first to will now add the third step of accountability. I can see how important and impactful that can be. Thanks for sharing the video.