One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is planning your day. It’s a bold insight from today’s guest, productivity expert Lew Hewitt, author of the international bestselling book, The Power of Focus. He’s sharing a shift in focus that makes a profound difference in the way you approach your week.

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Today’s takeaways:

The problem:

  • Massive to-do lists leave most of us overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out
  • Top priorities are typically started later in the day, spill over into the next day, and invade our evenings
  • Being busy focuses on the wrong thing – the “doing” instead of the “being”

The solution:

  • The best way to overcome daily to-do lists is to design your week
  • Start Monday morning spending 25 minutes of uninterrupted time planning your week.
  • Ask yourself, “What are the most important actions I need to take this week?” or “What needs to happen this week to help me reach my big targets?” and “What are the three most important things I want to complete by Friday?”
  • Create three to five blocks of “Focus Time” on your calendar when you will be 100 percent focused on ONE thing
  • Forget multitasking. It’s been proven to be ineffective

The outcome:

  • Massive change in results, stress goes down, and confidence goes up
  • Your energy, profits, and bottom line results skyrocket

Did you catch the part of the video where Les tells us how a big green frog can help make productivity skyrocket?


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