A Shift in Focus – 1 Tip to Be More Productive

A Suttle ShiftOne of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is planning your day. It’s a bold insight from today’s guest, productivity expert Lew Hewitt, author of the international bestselling book, The Power of Focus. He’s sharing a shift in focus that makes a profound difference in the way you approach your week.

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Today’s takeaways:

The problem:

  • Massive to-do lists leave most of us overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out
  • Top priorities are typically started later in the day, spill over into the next day, and invade our evenings
  • Being busy focuses on the wrong thing – the “doing” instead of the “being”

The solution:

  • The best way to overcome daily to-do lists is to design your week
  • Start Monday morning spending 25 minutes of uninterrupted time planning your week.
  • Ask yourself, “What are the most important actions I need to take this week?” or “What needs to happen this week to help me reach my big targets?” and “What are the three most important things I want to complete by Friday?”
  • Create three to five blocks of “Focus Time” on your calendar when you will be 100 percent focused on ONE thing
  • Forget multitasking. It’s been proven to be ineffective

The outcome:

  • Massive change in results, stress goes down, and confidence goes up
  • Your energy, profits, and bottom line results skyrocket

Did you catch the part of the video where Les tells us how a big green frog can help make productivity skyrocket?


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14 thoughts on “A Shift in Focus – 1 Tip to Be More Productive

  1. Very informative. I agree that a lot of people are running around stressed out. Focus is a powerful tool. I have noticed that music is a great motivator for my focus.

    I noticed how he mentioned organizing your week. That is smart… A lot of the times if I do weekly targets for a weeks worth, it can get more overwhelming than just going day to day. I have written out goals at the end of the day that have helped me. The most I spend on my goals and “to-do” list, I would say 30 minutes.

    Great video and thank you for the “Suttle Shift!”

  2. Good one Marilyn … thanks for this …. need to get that more blocks of focus time for the week…. and stop this multitasking….plus I need a big green frog…. A BIG ONE!!!…. thanks again.

  3. Focus time sounds good. Especially if it is directed toward income Producing Activities. Delegate the rest.

  4. As I was listening, like others listening in I thought, this guy Les is a little loopy to say, “Don’t plan you day?”, but I listened in… Here is what I heard and liked:

    By not planning your day you open up your life to be happier and be reflective.

    This doesn’t mean you don’t have structure, you actually need to instead, ‘Design your week’ by creating the habit every Monday of picking the top three things you need to move your business or organization forward and plan for those to get done.

    The best quote in all of this I think was “Your own self discipline is what matters most here”, because in the end I think whether you plan your week or days, discipline makes the difference in those that will or will not succeed!

    By the way, I want to get a frog. :)

    Great video and content!

  5. I’ve continued for years with the daily to-do list habit because that was something other experts have said to do, but I thought I was just doing it wrong. I’m going to start planning me week, instead.