A Suttle ShiftWhat you do AFTER your goal or intention is set makes all the difference. For breakthrough results use this  simple daily practice from my dear friend Robert MacPhee, President of Heart Set, Inc. and author of Manifesting for Non-Gurus. He shares a simple way to shift into playing a bigger game in life.

Watch our video interview below for more details. Then, leave a comment below.

  1.  Set your goals and intension.
  2.  Tie those goals and intentions to who you are and what is most important to you.
  3.  Connect your goals and intentions to the feelings and emotions you most want to experience.
  4.  Slip gratitude and appreciation in at this point. It shifts you into a state of “high intention, low attachment.” The result being – you feel focused, clear and passionate about your goals and intentions free of the desperation that high attachment causes.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts? What are your daily practices to manifest positive results in your business, career or life? What one point did Robert make that most resonated with you?