A Suttle ShiftFor 2014 to be a successful year, certain things need to happen. Today Debra Poneman, president of Yes to Success, coach to high level entrepreneurs, bestselling authors and celebrities offers some smart advice that will shift your thinking about success.

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Here are a few takeaways from today’s video:

  • The pursuit of achievement, accumulation, and accomplishment isn’t enough
  • It’s time to include freedom, an opportunity to contribute, and deep human connection in your definition of success
  • Give up who you think you “should” be to be who you really are
  • Vulnerability is the greatest act of courage that you can display
  • Needing to be right, be the best, get the award may be keeping you from true success
  • Those things that make you shake in your boots lead to true success
  • When you hook your success only to a specific title or accumulation, or time in the future the success feels incomplete once achieved
  • Enjoy every step of the process.
  • Gratitude for even the tough knocks makes a difference

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What’s your takeaway from today’s video?