Color Their World: The Art of Creating Strong Customer LoyaltyYou’ve seen that person. You may even be that person — the one who handles difficult customers with ease. The one who turns conflicts into connections — handling tough conversations like a sculptor methodically chiseling a masterpiece out of cold, hard stone. Customer loyalty doesn’t just happen. It stems from a certain way of thinking. And just like the painter who may have to blend many colors on a palette before finding just the right hue — it takes a certain something extra to build strong customer relationships and handle challenging service situations with care. That’s why I created Color Their World: The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty … to help you find that something extra.

This innovative customer service activity book is also an adult coloring book – but so much more! Inside this book, you’ll be inspired to tap into your creative side to find new and rewarding solutions for your most pressing customer service problems — all while lowering stress and raising resilience.

  • Each page has a whimsical image to color with a customer-focused sentence starter to reflect on as you set your imagination free.
  • Use the pages at the back of the book to record your thoughts and ideas.
  • Enjoy each page personally or with your team. It’s insightful, and often surprising, to see the different color combinations used or words chosen to complete each sentence.

Exploring your thoughts, ideas and experiences can cause dramatic improvements in confidence, creative-problem solving, and customer loyalty.  For more detail visit: Color Their World

Leaders and Managers: This book offers a creative new way for your team to draw out bright and bold ways to take their customer care from good to masterful. Give it as a gift or use it as a training and reinforcement tool for improving customer-focus and employee engagement. Or use it in team meetings to inspire people to share their own unique ways of brightening up the customer’s world to create unbreakable bonds of loyalty.