marilynsuttleCustomers aren’t always easy to please, and it’s especially painful when the loyal ones leave. After nearly of decade of writing about customer loyalty and relationship issues, I’ve collected a top ten list of articles filled with useful tips you can use right now.


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1.Customer Perceptions Matter More than the Truth on LinkedIn Pulse

2.Setting Customers Straight Can Be an Act of Customer Service on the Who’s Your Gladys blog

3. Turn Your Toughest Customer Into Your Biggest Fan – These 7 tips will help you transform your most difficult clients into big marketing victories – in Inc Magazine

4. How to Turn a Customer Service Nightmare into a Five-Star Review on LinkedIn Pulse

5. Real vs Fake Customer Service with a Smile – on the Who’s Your Gladys blog

6. 7 Secrets Of People Who Have It All Together - Everyone knows someone who seems unflappable no matter what. Here’s what you might not know about them – in Fast Company

7. 7 Ways to Make Your Customer Service Team Stand Out on LinkedIn Pulse

8. How to Say No to Your Customers on NFIB – Protecting the Future of Small Business

9. He Lost Me at Hello – Even Emails Need a Customer Focus – on the Who’s Your Gladys blog

10. 3 Morale-Killing Mistakes Managers Make & What to Do Instead by Marilyn Suttle on Shep Hyken’s Customer Service Blog


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