Consulting and Coaching

Marilyn Suttle, CVP



Business consulting in these areas:

  • Customer Service Model Development
  • Leading for a strong service excellence culture
  • Remote worker work/life effectiveness
  • Leading engaging virtual meetings
  • Online Conversation Management

"I had the privilege of working with Marilyn for 7 amazing years. Her passion for social media and deep knowledge of how to nurture relationships between a brand and its consumer clearly sets her apart from others. Smart, intuitive, and hard-working - she is a positive force that lifts everyone lucky enough to work with her. A true pro that I'm anxious to find more opportunities to collaborate with in the future!" - Jim Napolitano, PMP, Account Director, Organic 

Group & Individual Coaching

Fast – Easy – Powerful Results

Phone, Zoom or On-site appointments

Great return on investment.

A survey by Fast Company Magazine found that 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies hire coaches to improve their businesses.

Want to produce breakthrough results in your life?

Marilyn Suttle’s group coaching sessions will help you free yourself of the feelings and behaviors that limit you. Marilyn uses her expertise in several powerful coaching modalities to help you release self-limiting beliefs and restore your peace, confidence, and clarity.

Marilyn knows that YOU are the best expert of your life. Once uncovered, sabotaging beliefs dissolve and become updated with beliefs and actions that SUPPORT your values and desired direction.

EMPLOYERS: Empower your management to be more productive and well balanced. Coaching sessions will help your senior leaders uncover and release any negativity that affects staff, clients, and the bottom line. Get results by bringing Marilyn in on a regular schedule to help your company leaders reach higher levels of effectiveness at work and in life.


"Marilyn is an outstanding mentor and business coach. She coached our 3-person staff monthly for one year, and they are now working effectively as a team, excelling in their roles and producing more than ever which has improved morale. She also mentored my stubborn husband, the CEO, and he has learned to manage, handle controversy, and communicate better with his team. He uses his new skills in his personal relationships, too. The investment was well worth it."
Vickie Fournier, Director, Women's Life Insurance Society 

Sponsored Retreats For Women

ATTENTION: Business Women, Sales Professionals & Entrepreneurs

  • Are you sick of overworking, and not being appreciated for all you do?
  • Aren’t you tired of taking care of everyone else and putting yourself last?
  • Isn’t it time you get the attention and opportunities you deserve?

Getting what you want doesn't have to be a struggle. Would it be worth one day of your time to create breakthrough results in your relationships, work, and personal desires?

You deserve the life you have always imagined - guilt-free. Miraculous results don't require force. It only takes a “Suttle Shift” to get further faster, and with better results. It's time to treat yourself and open your mind to the possibility of creating something new and exciting.

Instead of spending another day taking care of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else, or numbing the stress away with distractions, imagine experiencing your breakthrough with other fabulous women. Release your boundaries and discover the true power that only you possess.


Marilyn has spoken to thousands and shared the Suttle Shifts Method. These shifts are the difference between surviving and thriving, between frustration and bliss, and free you up to do what you do brilliantly. You're the best expert of your life and only you can provide the value you're uniquely gifted to
create. Marilyn shows you how to unlock the power of your potential, set healthy boundaries, and create a personal and professional life that matches what you want and what you love.


As a bestselling author, human potential coach, and past host of a national online women's support blog and podcast series, Marilyn Suttle is an expert in relationship-building, breakthrough results coaching and teaching the principles of success using “Suttle” shifts in awareness, beliefs, and action-based strategies.

These shifts have been proven to improve the quality of relationships, achievements, and enhance both personal and professional networks, so you aren't leaving money on the table or opportunities in the dust. For over 20 years, Marilyn Suttle has created and facilitated transformational learning experiences for major corporations, associations, and individuals who want to take a practical approach to success and personal fulfillment. Her bestselling book highlights ways to turn even the most difficult customer or workplace situation into a profitable opportunity. Marilyn speaks internationally to multi-national audiences.


"The gifts you have of counseling, empathy, intuitive listening and wisdom are awe-inspiring.  Like a trapeze artist. You don't know how they do it, but you're so glad they do. That's how I feel when I have a session with you. You bring all your gifts and talents and skills to bear, no matter what kind of session you're guiding.  The work of art is not just what I witness and experience in the moment, but the lasting change I get to keep. That's your greatest work of art, Marilyn."  Jana Stanfield, International Music Artist 

Jan Black

“Marilyn Suttle zeroed in on the shift necessary to increase my happiness. I am more productive because of working with her.” Jan Black, The Black Brand, Brand Development

Laura Johnson

“This class has changed my life at home and work. I feel less stressed because I have some alternatives in responding to my children. Additionally, these skills have helped me deal better with my husband, co-workers, and management at work.” Laura Johnson, Ford Motor


“I discovered during one of my sessions with Marilyn that I had a limiting belief that 'I didn't deserve' to be thin. Now it's an awareness that helps me stay on track.” Dawnaree Demrose, Pres. Pontiac Chamber of Commerce


“Marilyn managed to take a confused, disorganized college kid and put her life into focus. In a time where I was at my lowest, Marilyn helped me understand what I needed to do to balance all of the chaos around me. My grades went up, my stress went down, and I felt like I had control again. She truly is an amazing guide.” Kristy Eason, Latch-Key Program Director


"Marilyn Suttle creates an amazing space to empower clients to heal and transform with the RIM method. Her expertise engenders trust and vulnerability that lead to deep, instantaneous transformation."

Gary Stuart, Family Constellation Facilitator, Bestselling Author

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