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Marilyn’s programs engage, move, and inspire audiences to shift their thoughts and behavior. Her compelling, timely, content-rich programs are well adapted to virtual, hybrid, and onsite formats.





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Who's Your Gladys? How to Turn Tough Customers into Vocal Advocates

Program length options: 1-hour | 90-minute | Half-Day | Full Day

Customers who express emotion, even negative emotions, are more invested in your organization. Learn to manage unhappy customers with finesse and see any challenge as a game you can win. Turn around tense situations and create breakthrough results with even the most cantankerous customers.


"Our company booked Marilyn for a small, corporate retreat. We are a customer service-based industry, and Marilyn's topics hit the nail right on the head. Each employee left our session feeling refreshed, engaged, and ready to take on the most difficult customer! She went above and beyond our expectations and was an absolute pleasure to work with." - Stephanie Porter, Property Manager,
Director of Training, CP Management


Customer Service Edition
of The Happy Class

Program length: Full Day

This isn't your regular training – It's customized into a journey that blends the creation of unforgettable happy customer experiences with empowering teams, all while boosting individual happiness levels! And the results are beyond magical.

Our full-day program is a rollercoaster of laughter, engagement, and "Aha!" moments that will surely fuel immediate action. Because who says learning can't be fun.

"What a fantastic training! Your Happy Class is wonderful as is, but the fact that you took the time to so meticulously tailor it to our theme demonstrated over the top care! Everything from the graphics to the video to the handouts and exercises tied in perfectly and made for a cohesive focus that hopefully will set us all on a positive upward trajectory for the coming year."

~ Cheryl  Lacey, Director of Dining, Conferences & Campus Events, Bates College

Talk with Marilyn Today

“Marilyn’s approach was super flexible, and she really made an effort to adjust to our specific needs and context. The result is a set of customer service advisors who not only engaged actively with training but also shared how much more empowered they feel to handle the stress of the role. ‘I now own the call,’ one of them told me. There is real power in that. Thank you, Marilyn!”

~Patrícia Loureiro, Senior Director Global Customer Service, Farfetch

Resilience: Customer Service Training for Advisors/Agents

Module Description 
What to Say to Calm Upset Customers The goal of session 1 is to enable participants to:

  • Identify “what to say” and what not to say” to calm upset customers.
  • Gain skills for finding the gifts received from challenges
  • Discover ways to disrupt defensiveness and stay calm when under pressure
Restoring Peace through Challenges and Chaos The goal of session 2 is to enable participants to:

  • Discover the formula for choosing your response when dealing with repetitiveness, anger, entitlement, and high expectations
  • Overcome overwhelm by exploring thinking patterns that support and challenge wellbeing
  • Fortify yourself between customers.
The Three Keys to Success and Happiness When Working with Customers The goal of session 3 is to enable participants to:

  • Gain a greater sense of realistic optimism
  • Seek social support: manage loneliness and know when to reach out to supervisors
  • View stress as a challenge rather than a threat with a 4-step process to prepare customers for bad news
Role-play Day The goal of session 4 is to enable participants to:

  • Review key session take-aways from the first three sessions, and address additional challenges
  • Role play challenging customer service situations
  • Share successes
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Getting Personal in an Impersonal World: Connecting with Customers via Telephone and Email

It takes a special set of skills to create strong connections and improve customer loyalty via telephone and email. This training will cover:

  • What to do when a customer is yelling/crying/accusing/demanding/name-calling
  • Defusing an upset customer quickly, to prevent the explosion
  • How to identify and manage hot button issues on the phone and email
  • Creating decision trees for phone and email correspondence
  • The mechanics of good telephone and email response skills
  • Responding to emails for the best possible outcome

The Choice to Excel: Culture-Changing Customer Service Excellence Practices

Come to this workshop and you’ll never see your company culture the same way again. Based on over a year of interviews with the CEO’s and managers of highly successful companies, Marilyn Suttle’s timely interactive session offers proven ways to cultivate a customer service culture that generates loyal customers and long-term referrals. Passion and drive leads executives to develop their expertise, but the need for high competency in creating lasting customer connections is critical for longevity. Gain “works-in-real-life” strategies for bringing out the best in even the most challenging customer service situations.

This program will give you easy to implement skills to put in place immediately after the training. Key issues covered include:

  • Impacting your company culture to attract and retain happy customers
  • Reviewing internal workplace communication to create an upward spiral of service excellence
  • Viewing customer service NOT as a department but a company-wide commitment
  • Handling customer complaints effectively in social media
  • Gaining the skills for giving uncommon appreciation to internal and external customers
  • Generating continuous improvement cycles with accountability action plan for attendees to measure their service culture success



How to Calm Upset Patients and Family Members with Ease

What if you could turn around any tense situation with finesse? Crack the code on managing and calming upset patients and their family members, creating positive relationships that last. De-escalate tense situations quickly and build strong rapport with just about anybody. By growing your composure skills and your ability to identify patient styles, you will turn around even the most difficult relationships with patients, families, and health care professionals, building long-term sustainable connections.

Session objectives:

  • Managing and calming upset patients & family members with ease
  • Crafting ways to de-escalate tense situations and solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • Identifying customer styles (patient styles) to quickly build rapport
  • Using creative problem solving to anticipate a positive outcome
  • Using “emotional management skills” to handle patients, families, doctors, and co-workers appropriately and skillfully in just about any situation

“The staff commented on how helpful the training was.  They appear more confident in handling upset patients both in person and on the phone.  They enjoyed the interactive style of your training and once the ice was broken stated everyone participated.  This was a positive experience for them as individuals, employees and for our company as a whole.”  

~ Kathleen VanPoppelen, Troy Gastro



The 4 Motivational Styles: Elevate Performance & Leadership

Difficult conversations… personality clashes… differences in opinions can damage relationships, profits, and productivity at work and in your personal life.

This easy to implement program expands participants ability to create clear communication that engages cooperation and connection.

  • Identify and apply the four motivational styles to inspire and engage your team.
  • Enhance verbal and written communication to amplify motivation and clarity.
  • Build a culture of performance with productive relationship-strengthening interactions

Ideal for team building, meeting management, and relationship strengthening.

Turning Goal Setting into Goal Getting

In this half-day training, learn to design, refine and put into action your professional goals so they align with your strengths, interests, and desires. In this half-day training, you will learn to:

  • Identify where you are with your goals and determine where you want to be
  • Apply a written system for translating vague goals into measurable and achievable ones
  • Break large goals down into small manageable and actionable steps
  • Identify and eliminate habits of behavior that block your progress
  • Utilize specific resources to accomplish your goals

You will benefit by:

  • Planning ahead to overcome roadblocks and personal barriers
  • Leaving the workshop with focused goals and an action plan
  • Increasing your motivation by experiencing your goals as if they already happened
  • Discover the skills you need to climb the ladder of success in your professional career

"Your seminar is, by far, the best job-related seminar I've attended. I was so surprised by how much I got out of it. It's very powerful stuff. It's the kick in the butt that I've been needing. Thanks." ~ Steve Cole, Admin, University of Michigan


Seven “Suttle Shifts” for Leadership Breakthroughs

Imagine breaking through your business and personal barriers. No more leaving opportunities in the dust. It only takes a subtle shift to catapult you to the top of your game. This program will show you how to stop playing the waiting game, and get you into action. Start turning your desires into notable achievements. You’ll walk away with a new clarity, your next steps, and a supportive accountability plan to fuel you forward.

Discover how to:

  • Avoid the top mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making, that prevents you from being taken seriously by leaders and influencers.
  • Discover the competencies to advance your success and happiness.
  • Turn your desires into notable achievements.

“Marilyn Suttle is the ultimate coach, leader, speaker and role model because she embodies all the success qualities which she teaches: authenticity, enthusiasm, clarity, deep compassion, 100% accountability and positive energy. Maybe this is what allows her to so graciously connect with teams and individuals at all levels, from CEOs to salespeople-in-training. Caring, articulate, humorous and hugely competent, she is a true star. Marilyn has helped me in numerous ways.”

~  Jane Ransom, author of Self-Intelligence: The New Science-Based Approach for Reaching Your True Potential


Success Mastery Series

Marilyn Suttle has studied the principles of success for over 20 years. She helps her audiences, and coaching groups to get clear about what they want, and how to get it. With an emphasis on putting accountability into action, she sheds light on how to turn desires into achievements. In addition to her own body of work, Marilyn has trained large multinational audiences taking part in intense year-long Train-the-Trainer programs personally lead by the founder of the billion-dollar book empire, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Jack Canfield. Combining deeply impactful experiential exercises with practical works-in-real-life skills, Marilyn programs offer life-changing insights and experiences that lead to lasting positive change.

Marilyn’s empowering series includes:

  • Shifting into Top Performing Mindsets and Habits
  • Raising your Happiness Set Point for Success and Self-Fulfillment
  • Visualizing Techniques
  • Taking Goal Setting to the Next Level
  • Rejection-proofing – Handling “No”
  • Masterminding Your way to Success with a Mastermind Group
  • Relationship-strengthening to Grow Your “Networth”
  • Activating the Power of Passion and Priority
  • Managing Feelings and Emotion-Management
  • Maximizing Outcomes by Challenging Beliefs
  • Putting Accountability into Action
  • Reinforcing What Works and Celebrating Successes

"Marilyn Suttle's empowering presentations will motivate you to reach for your goals both personally and professionally. She has all the tools to inspire her audience to meet and exceed their potential."
Jack Canfield – Founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Enterprises



Where'd My Wellbeing Go?

How to restore it in the midst of challenge and chaos!
One-Hour Zoom or On-Site Keynote

This fun-filled interactive program will leave you feeling energized and ready to increase your sense of peace and ease!

  • Gain skill in finding the gifts received from challenges
  • Explore ways the mind supports and challenges wellbeing
  • Choose effective responses to difficult situations
Marilyn Suttle is fun and engaging. She got our members involved with her "Where'd My Wellbeing Go?" program and offered many practical perspectives and tips on how to handle thoughts and emotions when times are good and not so good. Marilyn's knowledge, experience teaching, and expertise using Zoom are impressive. We will be inviting her to speak again in the future.
~Marcia Green, Board Member, American Business Women's Association.

The Happy Class

Elevating Wellbeing, Self-Fulfillment and Success

Wellbeing practices are known to:

  • Improve workplace experiences
  • Increasing productivity
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Lower turnover
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve employee physical & emotional health

These multi-session, action-packed, fun-filled sessions offer tools to create joy, focus, peace, and positive results in every area of life. It offers the know-how to become happier and more resilient, even during challenging times.

These are not fluffy notions. You’ll get practical skills that work.

Discover ways to:

  • Increase Happiness, Self-Awareness and Gratitude
  • Restore Peace During Challenges and Chaos
  • Practice Three Keys to Success and Happiness at Work & in Life
  • Gain Wellbeing Practices for Uprooting Habits of Unhappiness
  • Challenge Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Ignite passion and purpose

Bring the Happy Class to your organization. Click to see the full description and contact Marilyn to set up a program for you.

Here's what people are saying about The Happy Class...


“Marilyn has presented engaging keynotes, and workshops at Visteon for many years. We brought her back twice for her most recent workshop because employees rated her highly for offering practical, helpful tools and insights they could use.”
~ Kate Manley
, Senior Benefits Specialist, Visteon 


"I’m participating [in the] Happy Class and I’d like you to know that your teachings are definitely making positive changes on my journey!"


The Happy Class was a true gift for our employees. Thank you for teaching people how to find more happiness!

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed the Happy Class... I learned so much. I was on vacation during session #6 and I finished it today. The way you explained how to identify passions was so helpful. Thank you so much! This class has been so helpful to me!

I recommend The Happy Class for any organization that values their employees. It builds resilience, wellbeing, and offers practical, yet profound practices that have made a positive impact on my life. It's a great investment in the individual and the team. One cannot help but to get into action. 

~ Stephanie Perez, Senior Director of Global Accounts, HelmsBriscoe


LinkedIn Comments about The Happy Class...

LinkedIn comments about The Happy Class
Practice gratitude with the gratitude challenge.

The Gratitude Challenge: Practicing Uncommon Appreciation

Gratitude holds significant value for workplace wellness. It has a positive impact on both individuals and the overall work environment. Gratitude and appreciation are two of the highest emotional states you can experience. They are states of abundance. Like attracts like. If you appreciate and are truly grateful for what you already have, you will effortlessly attract more into your life. Challenge yourself to make gratitude a bigger part of your personal and professional life.


  • Enhance wellbeing, foster resilience and adaptability.
  • Discover how gratitude can improve quality of life, even when difficult and challenging situations arise. For it is often, through these challenges that we experience the most profound personal and professional growth.
  • Identify ways to make appreciation and gratitude a daily part of your routine.

Get a Clue! Solving the Mystery of LIFE/WORK Integration

No one wakes up in the morning saying, "I think I'm going to let my life spiral out of balance today," but it's a mystery at times to keep on track... especially with the demands that remote workers are facing today. Celebrate your successes and learn new ways to approach conflicting needs. This interactive presentation gives you proven skills and habits for success while managing life’s challenges. You’ll learn to reduce stress, increase productivity, and wellbeing. Focus on creating harmony between your personal and professional life. Gain insight into increasing self-satisfaction and become more fully present at work and at home. This entertaining presentation gives you the know-how to produce positive shifts in the quality of your life and gain valuable skills for succeeding at work.

“You did a splendid job with your presentation to the folks at the Pfizer Women's Network! I recommend for you as an inspirational speaker.” ~ Barbara Clarke, Pfizer Corporation Women’s Network Chairperson


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