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We were so blessed to have Marilyn serve as the moderator for the Townsend Hotel's quarterly speaker series in May. The topic was customer service, and given her expertise, we could not have asked for a better person to engage with our speakers in front of our 50+ guests. From the onset, she was warm and personable, and in particular, made a few of the speakers who were a little hesitant feel completely at ease. Not only did Marilyn really made the ideal moderator for our event, by drawing the best information out of our panel, but the panelists and I all left feeling like we had made a strong colleague and friend in her, which was a gift all its own. I am very grateful for having met her, and cannot recommend her skills, and her professionalism highly enough.
Annie Whalen, Sales Event Service Manager, Townsend Hotel

Testimonial from Dr. Kathryn Guylay

What to expect
from Marilyn Suttle, CVP
as your MC.

Testimonial from Robert MacPhee

Before the Event

  • Advise the planning team as they put their brand-consistent vision into place
  • Contribute to the timeline
  • Interview speakers to enhance comfort and create a personalized introduction
  • Coach speakers in mastering platform skills, technology, and flow of their portion of the event to make sure they shine
  • Check the technology the day before

Day-of the Event

  • Arrive early for a tech check, room check, and team check
  • Rally the team as they set up for the event
  • Pitch in as needed
  • Be ready with local, seasonal, national, global, and company-specific news and fun tidbits

During the Event

  • Set the tone for an engaging, brand-consistent event
  • Introduce dignitaries and speakers
  • Add personalized commentary
  • Smooth out any blips with grace and humor
  • Keep the program moving on time and on topic
  • Close the event with key takeaways

After the Event

  • Contribute to the after-action review or debrief
  • Help the team with follow-up actions and connections
  • Join the planning team for the next event


How to Be a Virtual MC | How to Hire a Virtual MC
M&M, Your MC Team

  Marilyn Suttle, CVP & Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP

MC Series

How to Be a Virtual MC

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MC Practice Lab

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SureFire Strategires

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The 2021 Challenge
Like it or not, we are judged by our on-screen presence. Video magnifies every bit of struggle with confidence, competence, and personal style. Poor performances live on in video recordings, making or breaking reputations that impact future referrals and profits.


The good news? You don't have to be perfect. In fact, addressing expected on-screen human and tech glitches, highlights your fundamental strengths and professionalism. Well-handled mistakes can create long-term loyalty and trust. Make each mistake count.


Bottom Line
On every virtual platform, you are a master of ceremonies. Be a good one.

Virtual Master of Ceremonies Skills
Have you ever noticed how excited people get when the host for the Oscars is announced? The right Master of Ceremonies (MC) changes everything. This is especially true when it comes to virtual programs.


Benefit of Virtual MC Skills

Build and update skills needed to:

  1. Gain competence as a virtual communicator
  2. Build client confidence
  3. Eliminate virtual meeting fatigue
  4. Banish participant disengagement
  5. Mobilize targeted action
  6. Facilitate innovation
  7. Run effective virtual meetings