Here's what people are saying:

“Marilyn’s approach was super flexible and she really made an effort to adjust to our specific needs and context. The result is a set of customer service advisors who not only engaged actively with training but also shared how much more empowered they feel to handle the stress of the role. ‘I now own the call,’ one of them told me. There is real power in that. Thank you, Marilyn!”

"Our company booked Marilyn for a small, corporate retreat. We are a customer service-based industry, and Marilyn's topics hit the nail right on the head. Each employee left our session feeling refreshed, engaged, and ready to take on the most difficult customer! She went above and beyond our expectations and was an absolute pleasure to work with."

Patrícia Loureiro

Patrícia Loureiro
Senior Director Global Customer Service


Stephanie Porter pic

Stephanie Porter
Property Manager, Director of Training
CP Management

"Marilyn Suttle's empowering presentations will motivate you to reach for your goals both personally and professionally. She has all the tools to inspire her audience to meet and exceed their potential."



Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield

Chicken Soup for the Soul® Enterprises

“Uplifting and motivating – insights
that I wish were given to me in
my twenties.”

David Adamovich

David Adamovich
Manager, PD IT

Ford Motor Company

"We just finished a great departmental training lead by Marilyn! She kept a diverse group of 100 totally engaged and the material was spot on. My staff left the training reenergized and excited for the start of the academic year. One of the best trainings we have had in a very long time. Looking forward to discussing opportunities to partner in the future."



Christine Schwartz
AVP Dining, Conferences and Campus Events
Bates College

"The Baker Online staff had a wonderful time while learning so much! You provided great tools to take our customer service to the next level. Your sessions were very engaging. There was never a dull moment! I loved the stories shared of your PERSONAL experiences instead of the "canned" stories trainers often share. It was an incredible learning experience. The staff are STILL a buzz about the session. They have been discussing their experience with each other, comparing notes, and making plans to incorporate what they have learned into daily practice."

Julia Teahan

Dr. Julia A. Teahen
Baker College Online

"Marilyn Suttle encapsulates everything Women's Health Foundation desires in a speaker: humor, candor, and most importantly, sincerity. From the first few moments of the program, women were laughing, interacting, and enjoying plenty of 'Aha' moments."


Molly Kirk Parlier
Director of Communications

Women's Health Foundation

“Marilyn has presented engaging keynotes, and workshops at Visteon for many years. We brought her back twice for her most recent workshop because employees rated her highly for offering practical, helpful tools and insights they could use.”  


Kate Manley
Senior Benefits Specialist

Visteon Corporation

"I've had the pleasure of working with Marilyn for several years. She is a tremendous asset: upbeat, hardworking, empathetic, and whip-smart. As a blogger and advocate, Marilyn has the enviable ability to put a fresh spin on a variety of subjects to draw interest and readers. Over the years, I found her work to require very little editing -- and on the rare occasions where we needed to rethink something, she was quick to offer alternatives and fresh takes."


Stephen Timblin
Group Creative Director


"I have had the opportunity to have Marilyn speak for 2 different events for our Credit Union. She did a marvelous job in communicating with our attendees' practical ways to improve their customer service and to create the breakthrough results necessary to grow their businesses. We would highly recommend her as a valuable resource for anyone looking for an outstanding speaker for their organization or business."

mark t

Mark Tremper
VP Marketing & Business Development
Downriver Community Federal Credit Union

"I recently experienced Marilyn's wisdom at an eWomen event in the beautiful mountains of Canada. Engaging, humorous and so very genuine and real, Marilyn comes from a place of serving and experience. In a short period of time, she articulated simple and profound steps for truly appreciating our Gladys and turning an unhappy customer into a raving fan."

lisa chell

Lisa Chell

Ultimate Clarity, Inc.

"Marilyn delivers incredible value by bringing new clarity and understanding to customer service and retention. Audiences leave empowered and informed."




Yvette Dubel
Personal Innovation Mentor & Artist-Researcher

WebAntiphon Group

"The staff commented on how helpful the training was.  They appear more confident in handling upset patients both in person and on the phone.  They enjoyed the interactive style of your training and once the ice was broken stated everyone participated.  This was a positive experience for them as individuals, employees, and our company as a whole."


kathleen P

Kathleen VanPoppelen, Nurse Manager
Troy Gastro Center for Digestive Health

“Marilyn did a fantastic job working with the Novi Public Library to initiate the Library's customer service model. The staff was actively engaged and were well-trained for the various customer service scenarios that were prepared prior to the opening of our new building. I feel the training was a catalyst for the Novi Public Library winning the 2011 Award of Excellence from the State of Michigan for excellent customer and innovative services.”

julie farkas

Julie Farkas, Director
Novi Public Library

“You did a splendid job with your presentation to the folks at the Pfizer Women's Network! I recommend you as an inspirational speaker.” 




Barbara Clarke, Women’s Network Chairperson
Pfizer Corporation

"What a fantastic training! Your Happy Class is wonderful as is, but the fact that you took the time to so meticulously tailor it to our theme demonstrated over the top care! Everything from the graphics to the video to the handouts and exercises tied in perfectly and made for a cohesive focus that hopefully will set us all on a positive upward trajectory for the coming year."


testimonial by Cheryl Lacey

Cheryl  Lacey, Director of Dining, Conferences & Campus Events, Bates College

“Marilyn's Where'd My Wellbeing Go? program was precisely what we were looking for. It was a hit with everyone, engaging staff with practical, research-supported strategies. The program captivated our team with its straightforward exercises, making a fun and valuable session. It was just the blend of engagement, practicality, and fun we needed to boost our team's wellbeing.”

Matt Willis, MLIS, Director, Willard Library

Matt Willis, MLIS, Director, Willard Library