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60-minutes for Sessions 1-5

90-minutes for Session 6

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The Happy Class, a multi-session wellbeing course, provides the know-how for participants to become happier, more resilient, and engaged even during the most challenging of times. Research by Gallup, Harvard, and Hay Group shows that happiness improves personal and workplace effectiveness, increases productivity and builds self-trust and confidence when interacting within various networks of relationships. The material is backed up by science, research, and practical application.


Each action-packed, fun-filled virtual session is designed (by a certified virtual trainer) to keep participants engaged and eager to practice what they learn. Sessions include a variety of stimulating activities, stories, interactive virtual tools, and seven-minute breakout sessions. Breakout rooms add a strong engagement factor that increases program outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Increasing Happiness Set Points, Self-Awareness and Gratitude
  • Restoring Peace During Challenges and Chaos
  • Practicing Three Keys to Success and Happiness at Work & in Life
  • Wellbeing Practices for Uprooting Habits of Unhappiness
  • Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Igniting passion and purpose


These are not fluffy notions. You’ll get practical skills and practices that work.

Week #






Happiness Set Points, Self-Awareness & Gratitude

The objective of session 1 is to enable participants to:

  • Discover the three areas of their happiness set point: Genetics. Outside influences, and Learned behavior
  • Understand the body’s response to gratitude
  • Use specific practices for raising happiness set points and growing awareness of moments to appreciate.

1-hour over Zoom



Restoring Peace During Challenges and Chaos

The objective of session 2 is to enable participants to:

  • Discover the power of choosing various responses to difficult events
  • Gain skill in finding the gifts received from challenges
  • Explore features of the mind that support and challenge happiness

1-hour over Zoom



The Three Keys to Success and Happiness at Work & in Life

The objective of session 3 is to enable participants to:

  • Gain a greater sense of realistic optimism
  • Increase positive sources of social support
  • View stress as a challenge rather than a threat
  • Release the prisoner of “woe”

1-hour over Zoom



Happiness Habits & Wellbeing Practices

The objective of session 4 is to enable participants to:

  • Identify one key unhappiness habit to replace
  • Remove and replace poor habits with Happiness Habits
  • Create a plan to habit-stack new practices into everyday routines.

1-hour over Zoom



Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs

The objective of session 5 is to enable participants to:

  • Understand the mechanism of repetitive thought
  • Reduce the charge of emotional memories that sabotage happiness.
  • Create an evidence journal of beliefs that support wellbeing

1-hour over Zoom



The Passion Test

The objective of session 6 is to enable participants to:

  • Identify their current top 5 passions.
  • Gain clarity on what matters most to participants
  • Include more of what they love in their life
  • Activate a stronger sense of wellbeing at work and in life

90-min over Zoom


What do people say after taking The Happy Class?



“The Happy Class was a true gift for our employees. Thank you for teaching people how to find more happiness!”



“Employees rated her highly for offering practical, helpful tools and insights they could use.”


“It has made me want to wake up in the morning and start working.”


"I’m participating [in the] Happy Class and I’d like you to know that your teachings are definitely making positive changes on my journey!"



"I want you to know how much I enjoyed the Happy Class... I learned so much. I was on vacation during session #6 and I finished it today. The way you explained how to identify passions was so helpful. Thank you so much! This class has been so helpful to me!”



“Excellent learning experience. Thank you for sharing the gift - The Happy Class Life skills!”


“It has made me challenge my own thoughts, feelings, and actions in the way I interact with people.”



“This has been sunshine in my week!”



“I have a better outlook on life and how to interact with others.”



“It’s changed my negative self-talk.”



“I’m being more mindful of how I can change my response. I have also shared these tips with others!”



“Now I have more tools for changing my moods and 'tudes.”



“It’s improved my positive habits.”